Ken Edwards Welcome

About Ken a short History

Here, I give a short overview of some of the creative aspects my life, with regards to what makes me tick and what my design process is. What's my modus operandi for creating and plugging into the market's zeitgeist?

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Work HistoryThe real world

Anyone who's been in this business for a while will know, you collect a broad amount of creative experiences, as opposed to a beginner right out of school. The differences are vast, and much of it is with work history...

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Educationschools, schools

There were no dedicated schools or classes in computer oriented, graphic design until the mid 1990s. My schooling started earlier than that, with text driven C.A.D., mechanical pencils, plastic protractors...

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Knowledgedesign and Tools

It cannot be denied that any person, who uses their thoughts to create, uses their imagination. Imagination can only come from a person’s experience and learned knowledge from those experiences. Even travel...

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What we do in life echoes through eternity