Ken's Cover Letter & Resume

Marketing of Ken Edwards

Below is my Resume Cover Letter with my 2 page Resume. There are 3 styles of my Resume with basically the same text; the standard, white paper style, which can be downloaded from the bottom of every page of my website, the parchment scroll style (below) and the 1950s newspaper classifieds style, which is further down.

I did this to allow you to see my work from a different angle. Yes, there are many samples of my work in my galleries here, but I thought that adding some eye candy to the stiff traditional Resume might reveal to the viewer how I can reshape things a little and still offer up the text content in an easy to read format. Remember, marketing is all about standing out from the crowd, and to me, quality stands tallest.

Below the 1950s newspaper Resume is a link button to some Letters of Recommendation.

Edwards Reference 3

Edwards Reference 2

Edwards Reference 4

Ken's Letters of Recommendation

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