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I get somewhat forgetful (and shy) to ask for such things as letters of recommendations, but I might add that many of them were actually sent to me without my solicitation.

Please note that the Pacific Advisors, Philanthropy International and C3 Media letters are all from three separate firms. At the time, I technically worked for C3 Media, but was "borrowed" many times by Pacific Advisors, and Philanthropy International, which all three were/are operated by three different entities.

I should have a few more of these letters on this website very soon. To some, they are very important and that is totally understandable.

These letters, are all downloadable in PDF form (and in the PDF Resume Package) via links at the bottom of every one of my web pages here. There is also my downloadable vCard file (contact info) as well.

Thank you for viewing. -KWE

Edwards Reference 7

Edwards Reference 7

Edwards Reference 6

Edwards Reference 5

Edwards Reference 4

Edwards Reference 3

Edwards Reference 2

Edwards Reference 1

Ken's Web Edition Cover Letter and Resume

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